SAL with Needlework Press!!!

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We are thrilled to announce our 2023 Stitch Along with NeedleWork Press! We picked this sampler when Vickie was with us for a retreat in June of 2022.  Vickie and Maegan love their samplers and we are ecstatic to have it all finally come together!  We love to support Vickie and Maegan, who have long been supporting our love of samplers.   This continuse  a long and happy partnership with NeedleWorkPress and Tomorrows Heirlooms!

The Sampler:

Helen Esson 1884 is a delightful sampler, with a stitch count of about 156 x 191.

 We will be offering this as a kit in several counts and in either cottons from Weeks Dye Works or silks from Dinky Dyes.  Additionally, there will be two smalls, adapted from the original sampler. included in the booklet for your stitching pleasure!

Options and prices are noted below.  Please call us or email us with the information below to sign up!  Not on Facebook? Be sure to give us your email address!


 Phone Number:

 Address, if not on file:

 Credit Card, if not on file:

 Exp.                    CVV:

Kit preference: includes one full skein of each color and fat quarter of linen or fat half of aida —

In an effort to keep costs down, you may need to purchase additional skeins.  Because this sampler has never been stitched and because we do not know each stitcher’s stitching methods, as well as the various counts offered, we thought it safest to start with one skein of each color to begin.

16 aida/cotton        ________    $  91.00                      

16 aida /silk             ________    $124.00                     

18 aida/cotton        ________    $  91.00                     

18 aida/silk              ________    $124.00

 32 linen/cotton    _______          $  81.00  

32 linen/silk          _______          $114.00 

 36 linen/cotton    _______          $  81.00

 36 linen/silk          _______          $114.00     

40 linen/cotton    _______          $  85.00             

40 linen/silk          _______          $116.00

Karin Zieren, our wonderful friend, will be our fearless leader for our SAL.  It is our hope to have the SAL out to you by the beginning to middle of September, with the SAL kicking off at the beginning of October to give Karin time to dive into the sampler.   We will have a closed group on Facebook for those of you who sign up for the SAL. There you will be able to chat and discuss your progress.   We are leaving it to Karin to determine the sampler “lessons” over the next year.  The design is ours exclusively during that time so you and any friends may join at any time throughout the year.  However, if you want to start with the majority, we encourage you sign up now, as we need to get supplies ordered and shipped to you for an early October start.

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